Are YOU Coming To Tucson For A Cycling Vacation?


And the BEST... Places to Stay, Restaurants to Eat At, Bike Shop to Get Your Gear and Healthy Grocery Stores to Fuel up During Your Cycling Visit to Tucson!

tucson bike rides

    - Here's Just a Sample of What You'll Discover In My Book -

    • Must do bike rides in Tucson

    • Best hotels to stay at close to the best bike rides in Tucson

    • Popular places to eat close to recommended places to stay

    • Recommend bike shops close to recommended places to stay

    • Healthy grocery stores close to recommended places to stay

    • Where to swim if you are a Triathlete

    • Maps to easily find bike rides, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores and more...

    - Meet the Author -

    tyler ford Tucson cycling

    Hi, my name is Tyler from Tucson, Arizona. I recently wrote a book that is a guide to help anyone coming to Tucson for a cycling vacation. 

    I have been a passionate cyclist for more than 30 years. "I live to ride!" Especially Tucson's Saturday morning group bike ride called the Shootout. 


    For the love of cycling and sharing with other's I put together and as a result people are always reaching out to me about cycling in Tucson. 


    Consequently, I put together a book guide for cyclists to make their Tucson cycling vacation seamless.


    This book will help you with the best places to stay that are close to the best bike rides in Tucson. Along with info about restaurants, healthy grocery stores and bike shops.


    This way you can spend more time having fun riding your bike rather than dealing with all the other logistics when traveling to a new place.